What is IoT ? Why connect things ?

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Think about the time and energy you could save if you didn’t have to walk, drive, fly to your devices to retrieve measurements, turn on/off devices, change some configuration, by just doing it remotely.

Think about the customer satisfaction increase and the money you could save in penalties if you didn’t have to wait for your team to reach this remote device to fix it, but you could just solve it remotely in a few minutes.

What if you could locate all these lost assets that you keep looking for and eventually must buy again ?

What if you could constantly monitor your devices to detect any malfunction immediately, or even better have the indicators to predict a failure before it happens ?

These are just a few examples of how connecting things increases your company profitability and efficiency, how it increases your employees and customers’ satisfaction while contributing to reduce CO2 emissions.

This is what the Internet of Things (IoT) is about: retrieve more data, more frequently, at a cheaper price and immediately react to it thanks to the connectivity.

Is it really for me ?

This is applicable to a wide array of industries like Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics, Medical, Agriculture, Utilities, Smart city…

  • Transportation:
    • Locate your vehicles to optimize their journeys.
    • Predictive maintenance to increase their availability
  • Manufacturing:
    • Retrieve sensors’ data for predictive maintenance
    • Remotely re-configure and action
  • Construction:
    • Keep track of all your vehicles and tools
    • Predictive maintenance to anticipate of a machine failure allowing you to replace it and avoid having downtime.
  • Logistics
    • Locate all your goods being transported
    • Monitor their condition of transportations (bumps, temperature, tampering…)
  • Medical
    • Monitoring of patients
  • Agriculture
    • Monitoring of the soil
    • Automate watering
    • Locate vehicles and tools
  • Utilities
    • Real time monitoring of consumption to detect anomalies or adjust overall usage
    • Meter reading

Remain competitive.

If you don’t do it, your competitors are probably already thinking about it. IoT is key to remain competitive today.

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