Mobile IoT gives you superior connectivity

We are a virtual MNO providing IoT mobile connectivity, making your IoT solutions run securely and seamlessly anywhere in the world.

We partner with over 500 of the world’s leading mobile carriers covering 180 countries and territories enabling complete control of mobile traffic that includes data (5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, 4G, 3G and 2G) and SMS.

We focus on mobile connectivity because we believe it is superior to other IoT connectivity technologies for the following reasons:


The network is already in place. No matter if you need to deploy or expand, our wide and tested network of operators is ready to deliver on demand.


All data from devices are delivered via private network or directly to your data-storage and all configuration is handled through a secure API.


Our more than 500 partners give a stable always-on connection. Multiple networks per country. 


Standardizing all your IoT connectivity - moving or stationary - provides simplicity and resilience.


Our management platform with API integration gives you complete flexibility to add all types of functionalities.

Get started with your IoT connectivity TODAY!