Wavely Walls

Wavely Walls, your shield against data vulnerabilities

In a landscape dominated by Mobile IoT Connectivity as the cornerstone of your business, prioritizing the security of data flowing through your devices has become paramount. Wavely Walls stands as an advanced solution crafted to strengthen your mobile connectivity and protect your data stream.

Safeguarding your data

Key Features

Optimize security

Prevent fraudulent activities by implementing device locking, which restricts unauthorized use of your connectivity on any other device.

Geofencing as security enhancer

Wavely Walls' geofencing capabilities create virtual boundaries around critical zones. When a sensor breaches a pre-defined area, the system initiates immediate actions such as alerts, enhanced data encryption, or theft protection.

Private network

The private network feature of Wavely Walls enhances vital infrastructure by allowing IoT sensors to operate on a dedicated network, safeguarding communication from external threats. This guarantees seamless interactions without dependence on public network pathways.

Wavely Shape

Wavely Shape empowers Wavely Walls to provide exclusive access or restrict all access to specified IP addresses or domains. Furthermore, it prioritizes essential services and manages bandwidth to ensure optimal operational performance.

Seamless integration

Wavely Walls seamlessly integrates into the existing Wavely Smart Connectivity ecosystem, providing protection without causing any disruption to the data stream.

Wavely Walls

Prevent from abnormal data usage with notifications and automatic temporary blocking.​

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