We add Smart to IoT Connectivity

Wavely: the Smart in IoT connectivity

With Wavely, do more that connecting

Wavely Locate

Device location without GPS with zero battery impact. Different levels of accuracy. Prediction. Smart move detection…

Wavely Walls

Steer your traffic to a specific walled garden. Security and fraud prevention with IMEI Lock of a SIM card to a device.

Wavely Biz

Integrate Wavely with your customer’s system and re-sell connectivity with sub-accounts.


Smart data usage analytics.


Transfer of all relevant data to your own platforms through APIs.

Get started with your IoT connectivity TODAY!

Seamless platform integration

All our connectivity management platform is available through our portal for a quick start and through APIs to integrate with your platform.

  • Our connectivity platform provides a user-friendly dashboard tool that gives you efficient management and control of all your connections.
  • Detailed view of information including IP address, SIM location.
  • Configuration including network prioritoization and Blacklist and whitelist
  • Organize SIM cards into groups and bulk management, including filtering and search opportunities.
  • Control usage and prevent fraud with triggers and actions. Actions can be SMS, mail, notifications and/or API calls, and can be set for an individual SIM card or for a group.

Get started with your IoT connectivity TODAY!