Our network is ready to deliver on demand

Time to market is a critical factor in most IoT solutions: How fast can you expand and develop your services? Can you seize opportunities in new countries and markets in days or weeks, or will it take months and involve uncertainty?

With more than 500 operators on contract, our network is ready to deliver on-demand. In most cases we will be able to deliver on your request within days.

But we also know that a ready network is not the only factor when it comes to get up and running in a rapid and agile fashion. You also need the ability to integrate with with your systems with ease and minimal effort. Therefore, we also provide a simple API  interface that lets your devices and platform connect without additional coding.

Finally, our management platform offers a wide degree of self-service, including self-deployment and ordering by e-SIM or physical SIM, which enables you to quickly expand and implement changes yourself.

Get started with your IoT connectivity TODAY!