About us

Smart Connectivity - Anywhere, today.

We offer mobile connectivity for IoT solutions.

We call our connectivity smart as we add a range of smart technology to the connection. From location based services, over automated security features, to flexible integration into your IoT platform, through a network management platform. And we offer extended self-service and a high level of control.

We offer world-wide coverage so that we can connect your IoT devices anywhere, via a constantly updated network of more than 500 mobile network operators. From Patagonia to London, Cairo to Hong Kong, Cape Town to Stockholm, we already know the operators in each market and have integrations in place.

We enable you to connect your IoT devices today. No matter if you need to deploy or expand, our wide and tested network of operators is ready to deliver on-demand. Self-service and automation features allow you to order sim cards in any region on the fly. And high uptimes secure delivery and stability to quickly seize business challenges and opportunities today and tomorrow.

As your connectivity partner, we are welcoming service providers, service integrators and consultants as well as device manufacturers.

Historically, we sprung out of Greenwave Systems, a company, focused on smart devices, which has deployed millions of gateways for industrial IoT and home automation. Greenwave Systems also laid the foundation of a consumer-friendly user interface, self-management, and deployment in our management platform.

Today at WAVELY we are focused on mobile IoT connectivity building upon our heritage of ease-of-use, scalability, and fast deployment. We are members of GSMA  and have our own telco license.