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Enter a new era of tracking convenience for IoT devices with Wavely Locate, striking the perfect balance between precise location accuracy and battery conservation. Our cutting-edge tracking solution revolutionizes the approach to monitoring your IoT devices. Leveraging network and SIM Card data, Wavely Locate provides location accuracy ranging from 100 to 2000 meters, enabling applications requiring proximity location awareness. This accuracy is achieved without transmitting location data, ensuring zero impact on the battery budget. Unlike GPS location tracking, Wavely Locate enables IoT devices to operate for extended periods. Whether your goal is efficient fleet tracking with minimal battery impact or streamlined management of IoT devices with reduced maintenance, Wavely Locate stands as the go-to solution for your Mobile IoT Connectivity needs.

Track without compromise

Key Features

Prolong your IoT device battery

Leveraging network information and SIM card data, Wavely Locate accurately determines and tracks your IoT device's location without any impact on its battery life. Our solution guarantees continuous device tracking for an extended duration, providing you with persistent visibility and control.

Keep track of historical data

The Wavely Platform records and makes available historical location data, providing you with the capability to track past routes of your device through our location historical calendar view.

Works where GPS doesn't

Overcome GPS limitations, especially in areas with limited satellite access. Utilize Mobile data tracking to maintain location information in challenging environments such as within buildings or under shelters, where GPS signals may be compromised.

Couple it with Geofencing

Integrate Wavely Locate with geofencing to activate additional services when your IoT device enters or leave a designated area.

API integration

Like all our services, Wavely Locate is available through secured APIs to integrate with your platform.

Wavely Locate

Our location tracking service leverages a combination of Mobile Data and Network information to precisely pinpoint locations.

How can your business benefit?

Save battery power

Reduce battery power consumption and prolong the operational life of your IoT device with Wavely Locate, which tracks device location without drawing from its battery power.

Service integrators​

Monitor your IoT device's location effortlessly on the Wavely Platform, allowing you to track and follow its real-time route.

Geofencing alerts

Integrate Wavely Locate with geofencing to enable the utilization of additional services and applications.

maintenance cost

Wavely Locate enables IoT devices to extend their field presence with prolonged battery life, leading to a reduction in device maintenance.

Optimizing Fleet Management with Location Tracking

Business case

Paul, the operations manager of a flourishing industrial farm specializing in data collection on soil, moisture, weather conditions, and crop health, confronts the daily challenge of overseeing IoT devices scattered across extensive agricultural fields. In a strategic move to optimize operations and improve overall efficiency, Paul decides to implement Wavely Locate across the entire fleet.


Paul integrates the Wavely Locate service into his Wavely Mobile Connectivity for its robust features, including real-time tracking and low maintenance costs. The Wavely SIM Cards are seamlessly incorporated into each IoT device, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring the flow of data from the devices.

Monitoring a device issue

Paul notices that the data stream from one of his devices has ceased, signaling a potential technical glitch, power outage, or physical malfunction. Traditional maintenance efforts could be challenging due to the absence of location information.

Finding the device

By tapping into the historical location data gathered by the devices, Paul successfully retrieves the device's location history. Wavely Locate processes the data received from the network and the SIM Card, offering an approximate location with an accuracy range of 100 to 2000 meters.

Action from the maintenance team

Armed with this information, the maintenance team can plan their intervention with utmost precision. They navigate to the device location, diagnose the issue, and execute the necessary repairs.

Effective resolution

Wavely Locate eliminates the ambiguity that traditionally plagued maintenance approaches, ensuring a swift and effective resolution.

Wavely Locate’s impact extends beyond simple location pinpointing. It empowers maintenance teams to take decisive actions without the necessity for complex location tracking hardware or energy-draining GPS solutions. In a world where IoT devices span vast and varied landscapes, Wavely Locate emerges as a crucial tool, ensuring the seamless operation and longevity of these interconnected systems.

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