Manage your mobile IoT devices on 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, LoRa and satellite in one dashboard. Full Global MVNO and MVNE capability. Starts from €1 per month.

WAVELY turns your devices into an IoT solution


Our focus is to make the IoT and accompanying connectivity scalable and easy-to-manage, regardless how big a deployment grows


 During our 10 years of experience we have refined our managed services platform
to be very feature rich but still simple to use


We offer an end-to-end IoT solution in 625 networks in 180+ countries and territories


Global connectivity

WAVELY provides an end-to-end connectivity solution, combining expertise in mobile core services and IoT/M2M. Whether launching a totally new IoT deployment or filling in the gaps of an existing one, WAVELY’s offering can be easily tailored to meet various needs in multiple industry sectors.

Advantages of the solution include...

  • Home routing of all mobile traffic and forwarding to the customer platform
  • Real-time usage information via call detail records (CDRs).
  • Choice of V-SIM or physical SIM
  • Ability to deliver traffic in closed networks with static private IP addresses
  • Strong SIM applet to enable remote management of SIM card (for example, SIM restart, IMSI number update, network priorities, etc.)


Closed Networks

Protecting the integrity of your customers data is our primary concern. At WAVELY, we keep all data traffic from devices connected to the internet and we route it back to our core as the default. This data is then delivered to our customers via VPN, or directly to their data storage in our data center.

Advantages of closed networks...

  • Closed secure IP subnet
  • Global End 2 End security
  • VPN between our mobile core and customer’s backend
  • IMEI lock / logic
  • Home routing of traffic
  • Traffic type restriction
  • Anti fraud – bill shock control


Edge analytics

AXON Predict provides real-time intelligence of your industrial assets to identify anomalies and performance and behavioral issues, and to radically reduce maintenance costs. From edge analytics to cloud analytics, the AXON Predict solution delivers the power of edge intelligence and gives you the information needed to understand and optimize your assets.

Edge analytics include...

  • Real-time processing
  • Unique engine analyzes, identifies and takes action on the device as well as runs arbitrary self-contained analytics at the edge
  • Leverage additional processing power to analyze all connected devices
  • Run the entire analytics infrastructure in a private cloud


Device Management

With WAVELY, you take advantage of our IoT experience and expertise. After a device is paired with a SIM card, substantial business support is provided by the device management model on the WAVELY Platform.

Advantages of the solution include...

  • Security and fraud prevention, i.e. IMEI lock of SIM card to device
  • Real-time usage information via call detail records (CDRs).
  • Geo-tagging of device during installation based on antenna mast info. If the device has GPS, the precise location can be viewed on the dashboard
  • Customization of data collection to support individual business cases
  • Storage of device data on the WAVELY platform, which can be viewed on the accompanying app and/or pushed via API
  • Analysis of device data via the statistics and analyzing module
  • Transfer of all relevant data to your own platforms through API


WAVELY is a product of IoT pioneers, Greenwave Systems, which manages more than 9 million devices on its AXON Platform®. Through WAVELY, the platform has been extended to cover mobile connectivity over GSM, LTE and LoRa. WAVELY has it's own Software Defined Mobil Networking core which gives the flexibility to quickly build advanced mobile services and the core is 5G NR ready. The platform also provides a SIM management interface with a real time overview & control of your IoT & M2M connectivity.

Greenwave Systems covers three continents with offices in the US, Europe and Singapore. Our focus is to make the IoT and accompanying connectivity scalable and easy-to-manage, regardless how big a deployment grows.